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Special Sign Projects

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Sign Dynamics is well known and respected for designing, fabricating and installing award winning one-of-a-kind signs of all types.

There are numerous occasions where a particular client needs something from Sign Dynamics that is not an everyday sign project. They have a sign requirement for something out of the ordinary. We take pride in the fact that our talented design team and skilled craftsmen can create a variety of these special concepts from corporate signage to retail signage and carry them through to completion.

Listed below are just a few of these one-of-a-kind projects developed over the past year by the Sign Dynamics professionals. Every design was created and sold. We included photos along with a brief description, close up photos and even testimonials.

Please feel free to contact me about additional information on any one of these designs-or if you have your own idea that needs to be followed through. These are just the type of projects that really excite the Sign Dynamics associates.
Jeffrey L. Becht-Owner/President
Sign Dynamics
Dayton, Ohio

Here is an unusual design for an exterior sign. The name of the buiilding for these hi-rise lofts is The Cannery. What better look for a building with this name than a huge LED illuminated can! This “Sign Can” is 10 feet in height and 5 feet in diameter. This different look is getting a lot of “looks” by both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Not your everyday back-to-back Street Signs. This is something we designed, fabricated and installed exclusively for ButlerTownship to reinforce name awareness and branding purposes. It works.

Alexandra Lacey, the Design Producer for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition called Sign Dynamics asking for help with their Beavercreek, Ohio project. Alex needed Sign Dynamics to design, fabricate and completely install a game board concept for the little girl’s bedroom. She called us from Hollywood in late July explaining that all of this had to be accomplished in 10 days. This was no easy task but, the Sign Dynamics team was up to the challenge. Our Creative Director, Dan Holihan, designed a game layout for Josselyn’s room that would appeal to a six year old with print materials that would hold up to everyday traffic. He came up with the perfect room sized game board. It’s called Josseland! The deadline was met and the project received rave reviews from everyone involved with Extreme Makeover. Sign Dynamics is honored to have donated everything for such a worthy cause.

The game board was created with 1/2″ Celtec with a special magnetic surface and vinyl overlay. The floor sections have a frosted laminate applied for durability. The butterfly game pieces are magnetic. The spinning wheel is acrylic with a digital print mounted to it.

Holiday Inn/Corporate out of Atlanta commissioned Design Forum in Dayton to design a series of Lobby Signs utilizing their new, upscale logo. Design Forum then called upon Sign Dynamics to assist in the creative layouts for these high tech signs. The challenge was to come up with perfect lightweight materials, at a fair price and still have a quality finished product that made an excellent first impression. After quite a bit of testing, the Sign Dynamics design team produced a set of samples in an assortment of colored acrylics, metals and even bamboo to present to Design Forum and Holiday Inn/Corporate. Now Sign Dynamics sells and fabricates the new Lobby Signs. We have shipped these conversation pieces to all areas of the U.S. and we expect additional interior signage sales to Holiday Inn Resorts around the world.

The sample displayed was designed for Sarasota, Florida. It’s 4′ x 5′ in size and laser cut from brushed metal. There are five different layers of metal. The posts are hand made from wood.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority chose Sign Dynamics to fully design, fabricate and the install their new Passenger Information Systems. We consider it both an honor and privilege to be selected and work with the professional officials at RTA throughout the project. Undertaking this task and coordinating all aspects of this plan was quite detailed and took 9 months from the initial concept to completion. All total there were 13 cabinets along with LED bay identifier signs.

The cabinets have 40 or 50″ monitors and LED scrolling message boards. The main obstacle with all of these systems was devising a method to effectively control the units from both overheating in the warmer months and freezing up in the winter months.

Everything was designed to ADA specifications. This custom styled Passenger Information System layout is the only one of its type in the State of Ohio.

This is a custom designed lobby sign for Streams Ministry. Our senior artist, Dan Holihan, designed this piece of hand-cut individual glass sections. Each glass piece is a work of art on its own!

LA Signs and Banners in Downey, California was searching for a firm to help produce a set comedy /tragedy masks in order to complete their sign project. They turned to, our sister company, to devise a way to have the masks produced and still match the rest of the signage. Both the masks and the ribbons were laser cut from .080 aluminum and then rolled to give it that special shaping. The difficult part was following through and making sure the rolling came out evenly everywhere on the masks. Needless to say , the final product looks perfect and both the LA sign company and the California Art Center are quite pleased.

The owners of the Schuster Center wanted their new building to have elevators with some type of design on the outside portion of the metal doors-something similar to The Empire State Building’s door. Sign Dynamics helped create their design to best fit all 5 first floor doors.

Sandblasting these doors on site was not an easy task. Our technicians had to build plastic tents just to contain the large amounts of blowing sand. The doors were stainless steel and the massive sandblasting into this material was very painstaking and time consuming. The project took almost a week but, the end results speak for themselves.

The next time you visit the Schuster Center take a look at this art and let us know what you think.

James Young, the owner of Matrix Systems contracted Sign Dynamics to design and install the exterior Channel Letter signage for their new building. Mr. Young also asked us if we could convert the face on their office soft drink machine to the company’s name.

This was a rather easy task to design and fabricate a brand for Matrix Systems. We took the measurements from the old face and used 1/4″ acrylic, printed the approved design and applied a laminate for protection.

It’s not very often that a sign company is asked to accomplish something like this and it was a first for Sign Dynamics. This type of corporate signage could be the beginning of a whole new sign category.

The Dayton Art Institute called Sign Dynamics to produce their large exterior hanging banner for the “Roman World” exhibit. DAI also requested a couple of small signs to replicate ancient stone tablets for their interior display.

Sign Dynamics designed the perfect look utilizing High Density Urethane. The pieces were sandblasted along with carving a few cracks to give it the Old World charm.

Sign Dynamics designed and fabricated this striking interior Wall Sign for Grey Goose Vodka. Quite a few were created and sent all over including three installed for the Grey Goose corporate office and another two delivered to the Hospitality Suite at the Kentucky Derby. The sign is contructed with a brushed stainless steel finish that has reverse (or backlit) illumination to give it a nice halo effect using blue LED’s.