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Neon Signs

Neon Signs | Sign Dynamics | From Corporate To Crazy | Dayton, Ohio

Sign Dynamics can supply top quality and service for all of your neon sign needs in quick fashion.

Sign Dynamics has the experience to provide solutions to all of your neon sign needs. Check out the sample signs below, and feel free to contact us for more information.

NOTE: Many Sign Dynamics customers are choosing to go “green” by replacing their current Neon Channel Letters and Border Neon Tubing  with up to date LED fixtures. They are also replacing the fluorescent bulbs in Sign Cabinets with LED lighting.

Reasons why smart businesses are converting to LED illumination:

-Electric energy savings  (up to 80% cost savings)

-Waaay less service and repairs with LED lighting systems

-LED’s are usually much brighter for a longer period of time where neon gas dissipates over a short time.

-Right now, most utility companies are offering a rebate for anyone converting an existing electrical sign to LED’s.

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