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ADA Signs

ADA Signs | Braille Signs | Handicap Signs | Restroom Signs

ADA Signs | Braille Signs | Handicap Signs | Restroom Signs | Tactile Signs

More and more businesses and organizations are being required to comply in quick fashion to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) policies. This includes basic sign packages. Help everyone who uses your facilities find their way. Special ADA representatives are trained and qualified to inspect all types of buildings-especially new construction for proper ADA Signs. This includes the correct utilization of Braille Signs.

High on the ADA Signs list for updated signage include:

-Government Facilities
-Schools & Universities
-Office Parks
-Nursing Homes
-Retail Establishments
-Hotels & Motels
-Apartment Complexes

Sign Dynamics has ADA approved directional and graphic signs in both plastic and metal designs. Our compliant ADA Signs are distinct and always fabricated with high quality materials. The talented Sign Dynamics design team has the experience to help and create your own custom handicapped designated colors and styles to coordinated with your overall sign format.

Sign Dynamics assists customers, building operators, architects and general contractors with the perfect ADA Signs program. Our installation team is trained in the proper height positioning and application for all types of Handicap Signs and Restroom Signs.

Call 1-800-298-7788 and speak with one of the Sign Dynamics ADA Signs specialists to help choose a sharp and distinctive sign program that is right for you.

Plastic ADA Signs

Sign Dynamics has an economic sign package available and makes it extremely simple to comply the current ADA requirements. This standard ADA/Braille Signs arrangement can be utilized for all purposed both indoors as well as outdoors. Fabricated with high impact styrene allows for both a clean and highly visible look without the huge costs. All Braille, pictograms, lettering and bordering are raised 1/32″ high. All ADA Signs are produced with 1/2″ radius corners and include double faced adhesive backing. The actual letters are precisely 11/16″ high and the overall size is 6″x9″. There are three different colors to choose that are always in stock-black/taupe/blue. Sign Dynamics is always happy to assist you with designing custom Handicap Signs.

Metal ADA Signs

ADA Signs and Braille Signs requirements do not have to be an eyesore. It also doesn’t have to be a stressful sign conversion. Sign Dynamics has available ADA compliant signs/plaques in solid aluminum, brass and bronze. They are readily available with a stipple or sand background. The standard size for these Metal ADA Signs is 6″x8″x1/4″. .

This custom sample above is 12’x28″. You can choose from aluminum, brass or bronze.

All Sign Dynamics Metal ADA Signs are produced in the highest quality and have a full lifetime guarantee.